This is a large portion of my joy, my family! My husband, C.L., and my daughters, Bethany, Lauren, and Addie, are wonderful blessings in my life!

As a former homeschool mom, now high school math teacher, I am very committed to Christian education. Now in college, Bethany and Lauren continue serving Christ with various clubs and associations  at their school. Addie, a high school sophomore, serves our family and her schoolmates with her unfailing encouragement. C.L. assists children in the AWANA program at an area church, teaching kids to love the Lord and serve Him. 

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                                                                                          Hi there sweet friends! I’m Karen. As a wife, mother, high school math teacher, and dog mom to my beloved Ebony, I am on a quest to identify the incredible in everyday life. So many wonderful things are happening all around us every day that we don’t even take time to acknowledge! It is time to take a step back and actually appreciate the world around me and all of the many blessings God bestows on me on a daily basis. Am I deserving of these blessings? NO, absolutely not!! I’m just a Christ-follower that wants to recognize Him and accept His moment-by-moment grace.

Won’t you join me on this new journey to finding amazing joy?


Don’t Rush God

You Don’t Rush God I urged one of my daughters to stop trying to force circumstances but, instead, to just let God work within His own timeframe. Over the years, I have been reminded numerous times that God will not be rushed. He has his own schedule. There is so much peace in knowing that …

Cat Sitting

Our lovely cat, Rollie, has such a unique personality. He is very vocal whenever he is happy or unhappy – pretty much all the time. He loves to go outside and greet all the neighbors, even interacting with some of our friends’ small Yorkies. He loves to hide under a shrub and watch everything going …